This October, AutoFloodguard are ‘Going Dutch’ in partnership with Invest NI.

The programme is organised by Invest NI’s Local Office Network and offers smaller companies (SMEs) advice and practical assistance to explore business opportunities in the Netherlands.

Why the Netherlands?

With about 60% of the Netherlands prone to floods, according to a report by the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, the Dutch have developed an excellent reputation for flood defences and as a result they are often sought out by other companies and Countries from around the world to assist in innovative flood protection projects.


AutoFloodguard is the first self-deploying flood barrier in the world suitable for the domestic markets, making it an excellent addition to flood defence barrier for any project in the Netherlands and beyond.

*Reported in Flood Risk and Water Management in the Netherlands, 100,000 people of the almost 17 million inhabitants of the Netherlands still live outside flood defences. In recent years, they rely on adapted houses, which AutoFloodguard could compliment perfectly.


Alan Hingston, Invest NI’s Trade Director reminds us, “The Netherlands is an excellent base which SMEs can use to increase their knowledge of and contacts in neighbouring markets such as Belgium, Germany and Denmark. The Netherlands, in addition, has a longstanding trading tradition with global links from centres such as Amsterdam and Rotterdam. This offers companies excellent opportunities to supply globally from contacts made in Netherlands”

Read more about Alan’s advice on Going Dutch here.


We look forward to bringing AutoFloodguard to the Netherlands from 8th – 11th October and meeting with fellow participants of Going Dutch as well as potential customers and installation partners. You can follow our progress on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.