The AutoFloodguard team recently travelled to Birmingham to attend the annual Flood Expo exhibition.

Held at the NEC, the event is the largest of its kind in the world and brings together some of the leading flood prevention companies. With more than 100 businesses exhibiting, the event was a fantastic opportunity to find out more about the latest flood protection innovations and efforts to raise flood awareness.

We met with current and potential customers, forged links with other professionals and innovators in the flood industry, learned the latest on flood mitigation and resilience strategies and have come away bursting with enthusiasm for the changes that AutoFloodguard will make to the flood protection industry.

On both Wednesday and Thursday we attended a number of seminars and panel sessions discussing the preventative measures that need to be made in order to achieve a flood resilient UK by 2050, a mission set by the Committee on Climate Change.
On Wednesday, our managing director John took to the podium acknowledging that the areas impacted by flooding are becoming more random and asking; ‘Are all manual flood barriers inherently flawed?’

The background to this seminar focused on the design and development of AutoFloodguard. When inventing the innovative self-deploying barrier, key concerns were raised about all other barrier products on the market. These centered on the fact that in order to be remotely effective they all require advance warning of the flood event and the required preparation time to be deployed. With flooding becoming more random and sudden in its nature, does this render every manual barrier system obsolete for the future fight against flooding?

Following John’s seminar, we welcomed many visitors to our stand keen to further engage in debate and learn more about the automatic deployment of AutoFloodguard. A short clip explaining the deployment of AutoFloodguard is available to view on Vimeo.

Leaving this year’s exhibition with a wealth of knowledge, we look forward to delivering a fully integrated approach to flood resilience with the launch of AutoFloodguard and in partnership with some of the specialist installers we met at Flood Expo.