Donegal residents recall area flooding 13 times in 15 years.

In a recent article from the Donegal Democrat by their reporter Eamon McFadden, it was reported that a particular housing estate in Burnfoot had serious ongoing flood issues. The report highlights the inherent problem with all manual flood barriers – without sufficient warning, the barriers are useless.

In the article, home owner and father of four Gerald Gallagher explained that he and his family are now homeless despite having already invested in flood resilience measures.

Gerald explained that the rate of the rising water gave them very little time to react. “We are homeless now, we didn’t have any time to save anything in the house. I went out to the shed to get the flood gates and within 30 seconds the water had risen up to my knees. I could hardly walk back to the house… It came on so quickly, it was unreal” he explained.

So what can be done?

As the instances of flooding become more frequent and more random, it is critical that your flood resilience measures are ready at all times. AutoFloodguard™ is a fully passive flood barrier, meaning that it will deploy itself in the event of a flood, ensuring that you do not get caught out like recent flash flood victims in Donegal. Give us a call today on 03300 434546 or email to discuss your requirements.