2012 - New York



United States 2012 – NY City Taxi Parking Lot engulfed with sea water during devastating floods as a result of Super Storm Sandy


2013 - Calgary


Canada 2013 – Downtown East Village area of Calgary under water during the extensive Alberta floods in June of that year


2014 - Somerset



United Kingdom 2014 – Large parts of the Somerset Levels spent much of the winter of 2013-14 under water.


2015 - York



United Kingdom 2015 – Some families suffered the misery of flooding twice in the weeks before Christmas in this year


2016 - Perth



Australia 2016 – Downtown Perth seriously impacted by heavy flash flooding during severe storms


2017 - Houston



United States 2017 – Vast areas of Houston are under flood water as a result of Hurricane Harvey


About AutoFloodguard

Until now – passive flood barriers (i.e. automatically deploying barriers) were almost exclusively used for large scale commercial projects, these barriers are often bespoke engineered solutions that cost several thousand pounds to protect a typical door opening.


The automatic deployment of AutoFloodguard will give peace of mind to property owners who until now, would not have had the opportunity to install any of the existing passive barriers due to the massive cost and the extensive excavation required which would often go beyond the depth of many building’s foundations. 

AutoFloodguard is different, we have developed a passive solution that is simple to install yet just as reliable. The self-deploying feature makes AutoFloodguard a perfect choice for owners of domestic properties who do not occupy them, such as Councils, Housing Associations and Private Landlords. All of whom want to protect the occupants but also want to avoid the catastrophic and costly impact of property level flooding on their asset.

AutoFloodguard is totally re-usable and is suitable for all property types – new build or retro-fit.

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Millions of Europeans face being flooded out of their homes every year as sea levels rise

By 2100, extreme sea levels could be nearly a metre higher around the North Sea than today, while waves are also getting more powerful

Installing AutoFloodguard at your business premises is a vital part of your flood resilience strategy. If a flash flood occurs when you are not there, how are you going to protect your livelihood?  Installing AutoFloodguard to protect your business 24/7 – 265 days a year is a worthwhile investment that will have you back up and trading again quicker than those properties without.


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Live Flood Alerts

Current live flood warning data for England kindly provided by the Environment Agency.

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Wellesbourne and Walton Flood Action Group held an awareness event on Friday with support from @EnvAgencyMids @WarksF @stwater to engage with the wider community and learn more about previous flooding events.


BBC News - Sydney storms: Two killed amid flash-flooding chaos https://t.co/SUKikcDRpc

Flooding hits parts of Wales as people are evacuated from homes https://t.co/88BslmqtYN

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Manufacturers and distributors of AutoFloodguard a new passive property level flood protection system



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